When and How to Remarketing on Facebook

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Remarketing on Facebook

The benefits made available by remarketing on Facebook Ads are many. First of all, that of segmenting the target and expanding it more and more in order to optimize advertising campaigns and obtain more performing results.

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A remarketing list on Facebook can consist of users who have visited a specific page. This means that you may be able to show an advertisement to a chosen audience who is potentially interested in what was contained/described within that page.

Remarketing, therefore, allows you to reach users who have visited your site and to carry out targeted advertising campaigns to guide them towards your business goals. It is a very powerful weapon, able to work through the Facebook Pixel, a code through which to track users who perform certain actions on the site.

To do remarketing, you must, first of all, correctly install the Pixel and all the action tracking codes on your site, then you can start creating a series of ad hoc Custom Audiences (e.g., customer email list, users who have interacted with your page, users who have visited a specific page of your site, etc.)

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Subsequently, dedicate yourself to the study of specific advertisements based on user behavior and take the time to create a Conversion Funnel, which guides the user step by step. The password is, of course: to test. Before obtaining satisfactory results, it is necessary to test the various audience lists created, the placements (desktop, mobile, Facebook Audience, etc.), and the budgets to invest.

Warning: when using Custom Audiences for Remarketing, we refer to very small user lists. So, you need to be careful about the frequency of advertisements: if users view your ad too many times, it could have a counterproductive effect.

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