10 Tips to Become Successful on YouTube

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Becoming successful on Youtube

Becoming a YouTube success isn’t nearly as simple as it seems. More than 400 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded every minute. Say what! Try to stand out among them. A YouTube channel takes a lot of time and effort. A unique appearance is a must! Are you planning to start a YouTube channel? These tips will help you on your way.

1. What do you want to make?

This is the question when starting a YouTube channel. By coming up with a concept, you give structure to your channel. Go make something you like. Determine a target group, do good research into what is currently going on and be unique. Before you upload your first video, set goals for a year from now.

2. Determine a target audience

How do you determine what your target audience is? You have to be specific when determining a target group. So not girls from 14 to 17 years old. There are so many girls in that age group. A better target group is girls from 14 to 17 years old who like team sports, for example. Your target group is then a lot smaller but clear.

3. Attractive name

The name you choose will last for a long time. So it is important that you choose a name that you like and that fits the concept. A name should describe your channel. It should be easy to remember because then people will come back. Another must is to create a logo or at least add a channel icon and banner.

4. Your own style

By creating a style, you make your channel unique and personal. Design a logo with swashes if you like swashes. Do you like many colors? Then use a lot of colors. When people come to your channel, there is immediately a kind of atmosphere.

5. Camera and setting

Now that you’ve thought about all of this, you can start filming. Quality is very important. Investing in a good camera is, therefore, a must. Don’t know much about cameras? Then read these tips. What you also have to think about is the setting. What’s in the background is just as important as who you see in the foreground. A beautiful setting is much more appealing than a mountain of clothing in the background.

6. Content you like

Don’t be boring. Nobody is going to listen to nonsense. Be enthusiastic and radiate. An energetic attitude attracts a lot more people. By making a video about something you like, you can keep making videos longer. For the money, you shouldn’t do it. Having fun in it is much more important.

7. Editing programs

Editing your video is the next step. You can use a lot of creativity during editing. There are so many programs you can try. Especially play with this. By playing with it, you also learn the technical side of YouTube. Who knows, it might become your new hobby!

8. Fixed upload day

By continuing to draw attention to your channel, it is best to have a fixed upload day. Try to upload some every week. Your viewers will definitely come back when they know what to expect. Put your upload day in your banner on Instagram or discuss it in a video. With a fixed upload day, you are also taken a bit more seriously.

9. Engagement

Engagement is the involvement with your viewers. Viewers like it when you interact with them. You do this by responding to comments and asking questions to your viewers. By involving them in a discussion or asking for their opinion, you get interaction. This also ensures more viewers and subscribers.

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10. Feedback and develop

You are guaranteed to get feedback from people. Do not ignore this feedback, but do something with it. It is appreciated when the tips are applied. Because of this, you also develop yourself again, and you only learn from it.

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