How to Choose Your Professional Email Address

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Professional email address ideas

Are you about to open your business, or are you looking for new customers? When you propose yourself in the world of work, you have to take care of your professional image. Do you know personal branding?

Do you know what you can start from? From a simple simple thing that appears prominently on your resume… the email address. I’ll explain how to choose a professional email address that will make you look good!

Today the job market is increasingly demanding, and emerging is increasingly difficult. You are not evaluated only for your professional skills or for the product you offer, but for what you transmit!

Are you wondering … what I should convey? Well, I would say that the fundamental thing to start with is professionalism. Whether you are a plumber or a project manager, being professional is a fundamental requirement. Remember that you are a brand, and you need to promote yourself, so you can’t leave anything to chance!

Professional email address: how to make your mark

I start from the basics: the e-mail address or mailbox is an Internet service, thanks to which the user can receive and send messages or e-mails.

You have certainly used it to sign up for a newsletter or a site, in the curriculum to make you contact, you have given it to a colleague to send you a document, well… very often. If you think about it, you definitely use it at least once a day.

The e-mail address is one of the most important data you use on the internet; it may seem like a trivial detail… but in reality, it is your business card!

1. Enter your first and last name in your address

It may seem obvious, but the best choice for your business email address is to use your first and last name. Also, I think that this combination of letters must be easily pronounced and memorized. What’s better than a name and surname?

Instead, no to combinations of letters and numbers.

No to nicknames; we are talking about your work and your professional image! Especially when you are looking for a job! In a job interview, your personal data is analyzed with a magnifying glass, so avoid using signs for your email that identify age, race, gender, religion, and politics.

A correct and often used formula is:


You can also add additional elements that refer to your profession or business role, such as; the important thing is that your name remains predominant and clearly visible!

2. Use a custom domain in your email address

Obviously, you don’t want to buy a domain to have your personalized email if you are a guy looking for his first job. But if you are a professional, if you are thinking of opening a business, both online and offline, I would consider the idea.

When you buy a web domain, you usually also have the option of having personalized e-mail boxes.

Clearly, there are some limits on the number; usually, the packages include 3-5 boxes and limited storage space. Many hostings also offer antivirus and spam protection from threats that can pass through the mail.

Sure… you can also use your Gmail or Hotmail email… but an address with a custom domain has a completely different effect!

If you bought a domain and you already have your personalized email, the domain probably matches your company name, right?

For example, Mr. Sherman Wilde, who works for 50kOnlineguru will have as his professional e-mail address. The domain also represents the website address. In this way, those who want to access your site will not have to do a search on Google, but just type the domain in the search bar.

The custom domain allows you to:

  • set up an email address for each employee
  • set the e-mail address for each company department, for example, This way, you can better control your emails and avoid confusion.

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Get a professional email address with GSuite.

If you want to give a professional look at the emails you send from your company, you can get a custom domain with a service offered by Google: GSuite.

GSuite is the standard business package offered by Google that includes Docs, Drive, Calendar, Spreadsheets, and all other services, even Gmail!

You can register your domain and set Gmail as your email client.

At this point, each employee will have their own e-mail, for example,

The company owns the employee accounts. In the event that an employee leaves the company, you, as the administrator of GSuite, will be able to change the password and send the email to another employee.

In addition, each user can have multiple email addresses by creating email aliases. You can add up to 30 email aliases for each user.

You can also create group mailing lists, such as or

So, have you already created your new email address? It’s not that difficult, and there are so many different solutions available. Once you’ve found the one that’s right for you, update your resume and start proposing.

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