Personal growth and self-esteem: some considerations

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personal growth and self-esteem

One of the key components of any personal growth plan is creating a greater sense of self-worth. Your self-image is very important and determines your success in life. Many things you encounter, including people and the environment, can affect your self-esteem and self-image. There are those spiritually deficient people who deliberately damage your self-esteem and those who do it unknowingly. Circumstances can sometimes push you hard and make you question yourself and others. Situations can cause you stress and disillusionment. Never allow these destructive influences to affect you.

Here are some tips that will act as a quick guide for your personal improvement.

Do not allow the behavior of others to affect your self-image

Never get into the game of believing that other people’s negative comments are true. If a person wants to scold or belittle you, then see it for what it is: a lack of self-esteem on their part. These people feel so low within themselves that they have to rise at the expense of others. Don’t do it too. It is very damaging to your self-esteem and, conversely, to your personal growth, because to “be” good at something, you will have to make another person “appear” incapable. You are not good, and you are just better than “them”! Start building your faith in your abilities and let others take care of theirs. Stay away from toxic people who have such a bad self-image, low self-esteem, and lack of self-confidence that they have to build their own ego at the expense of others.

Beware of a negative work or social environment

Don’t get caught up in the competitive mindset. You are a creator. You were put on this planet to be productive, to add value to your life and that of others. You don’t need to be competitive, you just need to be creative, and that will bring its rewards. By keeping a creative mindset, you can share the joy of other people’s success without feeling it is depriving you in some way. Trust me, and this new mindset will launch you further than the competitive mindset ever can.

Be open and willing to change. Embrace the new

As you progress in your personal growth, you will find that your old paradigms begin to shift and make way for new ones. This is natural and desirable. Stay flexible and adapt to your changing world. Many people struggle with change, and this internal resistance causes internal conflicts and difficulties of all kinds. This is an ever-changing Universe, and we must be willing to change with it.

Find a way to look at the world, yourself, others, and life in a new and exciting way

Don’t judge the present or make predictions about the future based on your past experiences. Use the past as an experience of learning and personal growth. See how you did the wrong things and adjust your behavior, actions, outlook, or mindset accordingly. Release all that old emotional baggage and embrace the present. Enjoy the journey and all the changes that are happening in your life.

See where you direct your attention

Your attention determines the reality you experience. “One man’s flesh is another man’s poison.” Is your glass half empty or half full? Seek the good or at least the opportunity in any situation – “everything happens for a reason.” Take stock of your mental attitudes. How do you see YOUR world? Many people are afraid of the times we currently live in. They care about the environment, the economy, unemployment, war, etc. The images on TV and in the news only add weight to these concerns by showing the very things we shouldn’t be focusing on! This world is filled to overflowing with abundance, wealth, love, and joy. You just have to start noticing it.

Restructure your thinking and feeling patterns

Your feelings govern your thoughts, your thoughts determine your actions, and your actions restructure your life. What kind of life have you built up until now? Are you satisfied and happy? Probably not. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. Your beliefs really affect how you live your life, what you believe is possible for you, and what you believe you are able to achieve or have. Many of your beliefs are positive and feed your spirit. However, many are not. Find a way to change your negative beliefs. Your beliefs are simply a set of thoughts brought together to form a vision, and you can always change your point of view!

Enjoy your trip

Life was meant to be rich and abundant. Celebrate every little positive change you make and enjoy the point in your life where you are now. Don’t put off your happiness until some future event or when you have developed some desirable trait. You will always change and evolve, and it is a universal law. So enjoy where you are, celebrate the progress you have made, be ready to embrace the new but let tomorrow take care of itself.