How to Write an Email to Attract Customers?

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Write an email

Selling online is, for many entrepreneurs, the hardest part of their job and writing a sales email is an embarrassing experience.

However, the basis of an online business are customers and sales, and, unfortunately, they do not arrive alone.

Therefore, it is essential to be effective selling with email marketing, but how can you write a sales email without feeling that you are betraying your dignity?

Selling is a skill, and you can learn it without scaring off your prospects and without feeling like a burdensome salesperson.

Learn in this article how to write an overwhelming sales email that helps your reader and provides your best solution.

I hope that from now on, you change your mindset and start enjoying the sales process.

How to write a sales email with copywriting

1. Write a shocking topic

What is the first thing your potential customer sees when they enter their email inbox?

The issue.

Therefore, the owner of the email is decisive to increase the opening rate of your emails. If the subject inspires, leaves its mark, and stands out from the rest, you will get your prospect interested; open your email and read it. Therefore, work the matter well if you do not want a wrong headline to ruin your sales.

How to write a good email subject?

Be yourself and close, just as you would talk to a friend.

Use a headline that highlights the benefits:

Our hosting is 50% safer and faster.

Or a competitive headline:

Dominate Google search results and leave page 2 to your competitors

Or an inspiring headline:

Design your own website, even if you lack technical knowledge

2. Start your sales email with the benefits

Your potential client is not interested in you or your products or services; he only cares about himself, his needs, and solving his problem.

So how can you attract your prospects?

Show him the benefits he will get and how it will improve his life instead of focusing on the features of your product or service.

For example, an agricultural machinery company whose potential customers are farmers will show the benefits of saving money, facilitating and speeding up the work process, and making a closer follow-up. These are real values for the farmer, so it will surely interest him.

On the other hand, most of the sales emails we receive on a daily basis, instead of presenting the benefits to their potential customers, only talk about them and their products, forgetting about the users.

When you receive an advertising email in which they only release the verbiage of their company and their products, how do you react? Are you interested, or do you press the delete button?

3. Show what will happen if they don’t have your product or service

Present to your reader the difference in their life with and without your product or service.

Show him why his life will improve and how painful it will be if he does not have it.

Returning to the agricultural machinery company:

If you don’t have our watering

machine: your watering machine will last less and costs 1.5 times more. You will spend more money. The work process will be more cumbersome and slow.

With our irrigation machine: you

will save 30% money, and your machine will last longer; you will be able to manage the whole irrigation process and speed up the work.

4. Present a summary of what they get

Summarize in your sales email the value that your client will obtain with the purchase. To do this, list the characteristics of the product or service and combine it with the benefits and pain points of your client.

Through the characteristics, you describe a product or service: its size, its color, its duration, etc.; while with the benefits, you explain the improvement that it will bring to the life of your potential client.

5. Remove doubts

What objections can your reader have to buy your product or service?

In addition to offering solutions to your potential customers, to be more persuasive, you must respond to their ‘buts’ and eliminate their doubts about buying.

Find out the objections of your customers and answer them honestly. If the downside is the price, show them why your product or service has that cost and why it is worth buying. If the main doubt is a lack of confidence, explain why you are the right person and show him proof of your work.

In each sector, different problems may arise, and knowing them to dispel doubts from your reader’s mind is your priority.

6. Social proof

After knocking down the doubts, do you think your readers are ready to purchase your products or services?

Well, probably not yet.

For a customer to buy from you, they first have to trust you.

This is why social proof or testimonials from previous clients are so important to your business.

If a user speaks well of you and your products, it will be a test of reliability for your reader.

When writing a sales email you can include 2 or 3 customer reviews or a testimonial success story that endorses the great value of your product or service.

7. Offer/price

Do not forget to include how much the product or service costs, the reason for this amount, and if there are payment facilities.

You can also offer a discount if they purchase your product or service in x days.

8. Call to action

Incorporate a call to action when writing your sales email, whether it is buying the product or service, calling by phone, or requesting more information via email.

9. Warranty

It offers an extra guarantee, since being a product or service that is acquired over the Internet, it can still arouse some suspicion.

If you offer a course, encourage them to try it for 1 month, and in case they don’t like it, you can promise to return the money.

If you offer a service, encourage the reader to call and request free information so that they can make up their mind without obligation.

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Put away the fear of selling and have fun.

You see that writing an effective sales email is a skill you can learn. In fact, if you know the essential copywriting steps, you can start to get the results you were looking for. Read more about Is email marketing still effective?

Write each section slowly and without feeling overwhelmed so that you offer a coherent and attractive structure.

Edit your text as many times as necessary until it sounds perfect.

And don’t forget that your sales email will help your reader. You have the solution to their problem, and you offer it to them in your email, so don’t feel uncomfortable or intimidated.

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