How to Make Money on Twitter: 12 Ways to Monetize Tweets

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How to Make Money from Twitter

Many people around the world use social networks; if you are wondering if it is possible to how to make money on Twitter, read this article carefully, in which you will find out how to make money with tweets.

The first thing you need to know if you want to make money with Twitter is that the necessary condition is to have many followers: the more people follow you, the more revenue your social activity will generate.

How to Make Money on Twitter

There are many ways to make money online, although not all are created equal. With Twitter, there are obviously more opportunities than ever for extra income. All you need is a little creativity and good ideas. Here are some ideas that will help you solve your doubts about how to make money on Twitter.

1. Plan ahead

What would you do if you were headed to a location where internet connection is limited? Or are you so overwhelmed with work that you don’t even have time to tweet? In fact, online tools such as Twuffer or Future Tweets can concretely help you schedule the tweets in advance so that your account never remains inactive. You can schedule full week tweets at once without disturbing you during your vacation week. This way, you will keep your followers up to date and also safeguard your mental health.

2. Follow the Trends

If you’re looking for traffic to your blog or want to boost your business, Twitter is a great place to start. Through the Twitter Feed website, it is possible to connect your blog, or Youtube channel, directly to your Twitter account. With over 550 million users, it offers the possibility to increase the readers of your blog or potential customers for your business. Also, make sure you use the most popular hashtags and tweets in trending topics so that other users can easily find your account.

3. Twitter + Adfly

You can promote your shortened links in Adfly on Twitter and charge for each click that those links receive.

For this strategy, I recommend having at least one account with many followers since you will need a lot of clicks to generate a decent income.

You just have to register in Adfly and shorten URLs. Then you can promote those URLs as you want; for example, if you have a Twitter account about movies, you can make Tweets with links that lead to a movie web page, and along the way, they will go through Adfly, and thus you will obtain earnings for the clicks.

4. Bring traffic to your website

If you have a blog or a website, having a Twitter account is absolutely essential since there are few more efficient tools in terms of content dissemination. You simply have to publish things that may interest your followers and insert a link to one of your articles.

Every time I post a new article on my blog, the first thing I do is share it on Twitter. In this way, I manage to attract a lot of traffic to that article in question, which indirectly provides me with income through referrals, inserted ads, etc.

As an important piece of information, I advise you to always accompany your publications with one or more related #hastags, since thanks to them, your visibility will increase exponentially. Likewise, emojis and flashy titles also help a lot.

5. Affiliate marketing on Twitter

One of the ways to learn how to make money on Twitter is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a method of monetizing that is based on promoting other people’s products using their own tweets. Get a percentage of the sales that come from your tweets.

The most important part of successfully taking advantage of your Twitter account for affiliate marketing has the right product to promote. Relevance and revenue are generated here. Check what your account is about or what you’re worried about. Does it have to do with what you plan to publish?

If the answer is yes, you can start choosing which brands and products to promote. A tip: do not abuse this practice. If you do this, you will lose the real focus of your account and will no longer be interesting for your audience.

Remember that your followers do not follow you for your affiliate marketing ads but for what you tell. Do not destabilize them and always publish useful information. Find products that are interesting to them.

The goal of your tweets is to get people to buy. But remember that making money with Twitter through affiliate marketing is based only on sending clicks to the brand’s website.

This is where the power of your personal advice comes into play. If your audience sees that you are posting content about a certain product in your tweets, it is likely that you will gain credibility if it is a product you usually talk about.

6. Contact sponsors

If you have an account with many followers of your Twitter account, you can make a list of companies that might be interested in promoting themselves on your account and connect them directly. There is no shortage of companies interested in spreading their services and products over the Internet, wanting to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, you can send them an e-mail telling them that you have a very popular account with many followers and that you would be very happy to promote it in exchange for a price for each tweet.

7. Sell products

Twitter is an important site for advertising your products.

  • Do you have an online shop on Etsy that sells handcrafted jewelry?
  • Have you monetized your blog and use it to sell handmade paper tickets?
  • Or do you have a bunch of Christmas gifts that you can’t wait to sell on your eBay account?

If you have any product you want to sell, Twitter is the site where you can make people interested in your products and attract them to your online store.

Twitter can be an important site to market your products if you do a good job. Research similar products, and see the hashtags that are used, so you can use them for your tweets. You can also promote your product by adding so-called “Social share buttons” to your tweets. This way, readers can share your link from their personal profile and spread the message further.

But of course, you can’t just tweet your site’s link every day. You also need to spice up your Twitter with fun and interesting tweets so that you have plenty of followers. Another great idea is to advertise with various coupon codes, which especially appeal to first time buyers.

8. Tweet to promote your skills

Advertising yourself and your skills can have a positive effect when it comes to selling your workforce.

  • Are you, for example, a web designer?
  • Do you have unique creative abilities?
  • Or are you simply just looking for a job?

Promoting yourself on Twitter is a great and free way to find work, sell, and earn.

Many professionals use Twitter to keep in touch with other people in the industry. This form of digital networking gives you the opportunity to make new acquaintances, develop different partnerships and promote yourself and your qualifications for new jobs.

Plus, by tweeting your latest work, you can get attention from people from all over the world. Twitter is a universal platform for marketing, don’t hesitate to benefit from it; Some self-promotion can quickly lead to further sales or perhaps even a job.

At the same time, be careful that your Twitter doesn’t become self-congratulation of all your successes; otherwise, people will get tired of reading them.

Mix useful news, funny things, questions, or little quizzes on your page. Make sure you create some interest in your profile, so people will also be interested in what you do every day.

9. Promote giveaways

If you already have a good following on Twitter, the best way to take advantage of it and earn money is by becoming a contest ambassador. Many brands are often looking for more outreach to drive current sales or promotions. What you have to do is agree on what the objective of the contest will be. Is it a giveaway to drive traffic to a specific page? Do you want a hashtag to become a trend? Will they need to track a specific account?

10. Crowdsourcing or crowdfunding campaigns

Crowdfunding or crowdsourcing is the practice of soliciting ideas and contributions from a large group or community. It is one of the most famous methods on the Internet for years, especially when it comes to social media.

With Twitter, crowdsourcing is an effective way to attract contributions from your followers (new and old), in order to grow your idea or project. Combined with something like Kickstarter, it can help you a lot.

Crowdsourcing can give your business a huge boost, but only if you do it the right way. Find out well on the Internet about people who have been successful in this field before starting your project.

11. Contests and raffles

It way to get followers; it also serves as a way to generate income. There are few things that involve people as much as a prize, so don’t hesitate and organize contests for your followers. There are many fun and creative ways to do it.

In return, you can ask for things as simple as visits to your website, retweets, and favorites to advertise your project, page, etc. The higher the traffic you get, the higher the chances of getting conversions and sales.

12. Discover new potential customers

Thanks to Twitter’s fantastic search engine tool, you can search for potential customers based on their bios and what they are tweeting at all times.

Let’s take as an example that you want to sell mobile phones. You can find new potential customers by searching for terms like “I need a new mobile” or “I want a mobile-like this.”

From there, you can make individual tweets, letting them know, for example, of a promotion that you have at that moment for a specific mobile.

Things that work on Twitter

If you want people to follow and share your tweets, you need to check what they have followed on Twitter.

  • Quotes! Especially quotes that give a boost or ones that people can relate to. Quotes are good for getting people to share your tweets.
  • Jokes, funny pictures, and cute animals are always winning.
  • If you don’t mind working a little longer, try to get some coupon codes for your followers. Everyone wants an extra!
  • Once a month, or more if possible, try to get your hands on a giveaway; encourage your followers to share participation in the contest; this way, the message spreads, and more and more people will know your Twitter.
  • Use hashtags! Keep an eye on which ones are trending, and try to use them in your tweets.

List to earn money on Twitter.

You won’t get rich on Twitter overnight, but if you build a solid group of followers over time, this social network can one day become a money making machine and really allow you to get rich.

  • The key to making money on Twitter is followers. To attract them, you need to use multiple accounts at the same time and create original, funny, and useful tweets that your followers want to read.
  • You need to be good at promoting yourself and always be up to date with various trends and events
  • If you change your Twitter account with the added ads, you will quickly lose your followers and, therefore, the chance to make money with tweets. You need to continually create something that people want to read.

It’s not easy to make money on Twitter, but if you’re patient and determined, it should pay off.

Earning money from twitter

How much can you earn on Twitter?

Working on Twitter is simpler than complex. But don’t expect it to bring you a lot of money immediately. To get truly tangible amounts, you need to put in a lot of time and work. The number of your earnings in this social network will directly depend on the number of people who read you, whether your microblog is indexed by Yandex, its age and range, as well as a number of other factors. In the best bloggers, links in posts are highly valued, but you still need to get to the top. If you are determined to be successful on the Twitter social network, you will need to be patient and immerse yourself in working with your head.

What should the Twitter account be, aimed at earnings?

Have you heard the saying that you can’t catch a fish from a pond without any effort? If you want to make money on Twitter, you’ll have to work hard to promote your account first.

Here are some basic requirements you need to meet if you want a social network to start bringing you steady income:

1. Your Twitter account should look as human as possible (unfortunately, many robots live in the Twitter space). To do this, you need to carefully fill out a profile: write down where you live, what hobbies you have, education, etc.

2. For avatars, it’s best to use your real photo. People who know how to make money on Twitter advise against using images of different animals or cartoon characters – this is not a serious approach to business. Movie heroes and pop stars are not the best options. Remember: you create a personal brand, and for this, there is nothing better than your image.

3. You should have a lot of followers or, as they are called on Twitter, followers. The more of them, the better! The resource does not limit their number. About the methods by which it is possible to acquire subscribers, we will talk a little later.

4. And finally, the most important thing – about your tweets. You have to write messages in your account regularly and a lot. Only in this case will it be well indexed by search engines and will be of interest to advertisers.

Where to get lots of followers?

Newbies who have just started a Twitter account and are looking for an answer to the question of how to make money on Twitter understand that they need to recruit as many followers as possible, but they don’t know where to find them. First, start by simply signing up for the ones you care about. If you are not too lazy to fill out the profile in detail and have indicated your hobbies, then Twitter itself will offer accounts that match your preferences. The next day, you will be delighted that many tweeters have responded by mutual subscription.

Twitter followers

Fantastic, a start has been made: keep it up! Only if your microblogging is very young is it not necessary to start mass monitoring immediately. For this, it is possible to obtain a ban. Gradually increase subscription rates. There are multiple ways to get subscribers. For example, if you have extra money, you can buy such “customers.” There are even exchanges that provide such services. But remember that real live followers are expensive, and for the cheap market, you can only get subscriber robots. Whether you need it or not, decide for yourself. I want to warn against the temptation to use special programs that automatically sign readers. It might cost you a ban!

Tips for increasing Twitter followers correctly

Let’s start from a fundamental premise: to increase followers on Twitter in a fair way, it is necessary to invest time to study and effectively implement the right strategies.

Take care of the profile

One of the first steps to take if you want to increase the number of your followers is to optimize your profile: a well-kept and professional-looking profile, with a complete biography and profile image and captivating covers, certainly has more appeal than an uncared for profile and incomplete.

Publish, comment and interact

A general advice for those who want to increase their followers on Twitter is to post, comment, and interact a lot with other users on the platform. An inactive profile, in fact, will not entice other users to follow it. Obviously, the premise behind this strategy is to publish quality content and not spam.

Choose the right hashtags

On Twitter, just where they originated, hashtags play a very important role. Choosing the right hashtags and knowing when to use them, perhaps taking advantage of the trends of the moment on the social network, can make a difference in terms of new followers.

Choose carefully who to follow

On Twitter, like and more than other social networks, it is essential to create connections: those who want to increase their followers would do well, therefore, to follow the experts and influencers of their sector, as well as those who mention their profile or the keywords of reference. The following is not, however, the only “weapon” available in this sense: it is important, in fact, to use replies, retweets, mentions, and direct messages.

Another activity that can prove to be very useful, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, is the one called follow-back: following those who follow us can ensure that a good percentage of Twitter users decide to follow us to get more followers.

Be proactive in replying

Answering (first) to accounts that are very popular on Twitter can guarantee privileged visibility to the profile and, thus, favor the increase in the number of followers.

Promote yourself, even on other social networks

To increase followers, it may also be useful to cross-promote from one social channel to another, although this move represents a double-edged sword since synchronization between different social networks often does not take into account the different peculiarities of each platform. Those who want to increase the number of their followers on Twitter should, however, advertise their profile as much as possible. For this reason, as well as on other social networks, it is important to include the Twitter profile in your presentations, even offline. Likewise, it is essential to embed the Twitter feed within your website in order to offer it even more visibility.

What to write about?

“Well, you say, you wanted to know how to make money on Twitter, but they start talking to us about everything but that.” But the fact is that all subsequent dividends will directly depend on the quality of your account. Do you want to have a popular microblogging? First, learn how to handle it with all the online blogging rules.

Treat posting responsibly; let your tweets be interesting. Many struggles at first and don’t know what to say to their subscribers. If you are one of those silent people, try writing comments to other tweets first. This is also good because this makes it easier to find friends. Feel free to ask followers questions. This is a service for speakers! Therefore, the more tweets (tweet, by the way, in translation, means tweet), the better.

The importance of lists and hashtags

Very good for an account if it lists as many followers as possible in its lists. And for this, you need a lot and constantly communicate. Make sure you reciprocate. The presence of lists in your microblog will signal to search engines that you are not a bot but an active live Twitter.

Hashtag for twitter

Working on Twitter requires knowledge of many local subtleties. Here, for example, tweets are also possible – and necessary – to promote. For this, there are hashtags. Let’s say your tweet is about an event, for example, the New Year. Put the # icon in front of the keyword and see that the phrase is highlighted as a hashtag. Now your tweet has received a legitimate thematic tag, and many more people will read it.

Rules of conduct on Twitter or Why you can be banned

In order for your Twitter to live happily ever after and not just live but develop and generate income, you must follow the rules of etiquette adopted in this community. This will help avoid a permanent ban. First, you need to behave politely, not be rude to your interlocutors, not use foul language. Otherwise, you will be blacklisted, and if this happens repeatedly, the system will reject you sooner or later. And how to work on Twitter then?

Automatic following – another common cause of falling in the person with the state of “non grata.” Here, the principle of “less is more”. Follow by hand – this will help you avoid problems. Automatic tape recording is also not welcome. In this case, the network can confuse you with a robot and punish you by blocking your account. If you are banned for something, do not panic; wait a couple of days, maybe this is a mistake, and the system will restore your access to the resource soon. But if the ban was delayed, write to technical support – for the first time, you can be forgiven and unblocked.

One account is good, and many – even better!

There is a little tip for those looking for how to make money on Twitter. Take yourself not one account, but several, and every day systematically give them at least a little attention. After a while, you will be able to link them all to ad exchanges, and they will bring you a profit together. The main thing – do not be lazy and do not start work. We hope this article was helpful and helped solve the question: “How to make money on Twitter?”

What are the benefits of using Twitter for your business?

There are so many useful and competitive advantages in using Twitter for your business; below; we summarize the five most important reasons.

The increased popularity of the brand

On Twitter, the characters are limited; for this reason, it is necessary to choose a type of direct communication, trying to express clear concepts, prefer a genuine and spontaneous style, never too formal, which favors interaction with followers.

The aim is to build a friendly relationship with followers and trust with potential customers in order to increase the popularity of the brand.

Ability to monitor brand reputation

On the web, we talk about the company; for this reason, it is good to check the hashtags, conversations, and users, trying to understand the opinion they have on the services and products they offer.

Offer assistance in real-time

On Twitter, many users talk about the products they buy, so it can be the best channel to provide immediate assistance, allowing solid relationships with them.

In fact, the quality of this social channel is to use it not only to communicate but above all to dialogue with customers, even potential ones.


On Facebook, it is necessary for users to follow a brand page, while on Twitter, it is possible to be followed by users outside the personal network, thanks to hashtags and the possibility of starting conversations with their target audience, taking part in the dialogue and expressing opinions on various topics.

Use Twitter to expand your offering.

With Twitter, you can decide to create new opportunities for using products/services and interacting with users, and you can launch special offers, convey initiatives and new purchasing methods, or organize auctions in real-time.

How to best use Twitter for marketing

The platform provides many tools that serve to amplify the popularity of your brand and to increase dialogue and interaction.


The hashtags are used to gather information on a specific topic in order to quickly find all the conversations that revolve around the same.

Inserted in a tweet, they allow you to increase the interaction for a company up to 50% more, but you must not insert too many, not more than two. Otherwise, you can incur penalties.

This tool allows the company to find itself in the flow of news linked to a specific theme, which could lead to receiving new connections; Sometimes, you can use the hashtag of the moment to enter the discussion or create a new one to distinguish your business.


The retweet is a post that takes up another, it is a very powerful way to propagate content on the network, and it is also the most immediate tool to win new followers since usually those who are retweeted follow those who did it.


The mention is a tweet that contains the name of a user inside it, and it is used to speak directly with him in a public way; it’s like sending a public message to a certain user or quoting him in a tweet.

A brand must use the mention to increase followers and attract new ones, arousing interest within its target audience. Whoever is mentioned receives a direct notification.

Conclusion and opinions on making money with Twitter

While it is true that some social networks such as Instagram or Tik Tok have grown much more than Twitter in recent times, the social network of the little bird is still my favorite by far. It is also true that my age and the theme of my blog are the most appropriate for this to happen.

For example, if I was between 20-30 years old and my goal was to earn a living with fitness, I would surely focus more on creating content on Instagram and YouTube, two more appropriate social networks for that topic.

However, the key is to diversify and be present in all the social media that are within our reach, especially since they are free and the potential to generate income in them is enormous.

I hope you liked some of the ways that I have proposed to monetize your Twitter account and can help you earn some extra money.

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