How to Become Twitter Famous

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Become twitter famous

Twitter, like other social networks, allows you to have certain popularity but to get it, it is not enough to open a profile and post; you have to work on some aspects and put into practice some strategy aimed at obtaining greater visibility in a short time.

To be popular on Twitter, you need to allow people to have a clear idea of you, who you are, what you do, and what you talk about, which means proposing interesting content, trying to focus on specific topics, and curating the profile page.

Make the profile to the height

Your profile is the first thing potential followers look at about you, so having a bad picture or just posting news about what you do during the day, unless you’re already a VIP, nobody cares.

So you have to update your profile by uploading a nice photo, add a brief description of yourself and your interests. To do this, you need to connect to your Twitter profile, select your photo on the top left and then click on the Edit Profile button.

Click on the pencil icon located on the profile photo and change the image; the same procedure must be done for the background image of the header, then you need to type a short description and add the coordinates of the city where you are. And other additional information, such as your website or blog.

Propose interesting content

You have to focus on the content; there are millions of people on Twitter, and getting noticed can be difficult; you have to look for a specific identity and focus on a topic that matches your interests.

This does not mean that you need to talk about a single topic; it can be interesting to go off-topic from time to time and give a little more personality to the profile, proving to be very flexible.

From this point of view, the advice is to start following people with the same interests, even those who do not know each other directly and to interact with them in an intelligent way, develop interesting discussions among the following, participate and express their opinion without brakes. Or fears, in this way, you attract attention and even potential followers.

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Create meaningful interactions

The basis of the platform is the comparison with other subscribers. This is the first tip for those who ask how to become famous on Twitter: without discussion, it remains a dead letter. If you want to be successful on this social network, you need to create a conversation. Interacting with the right people means growing, increasing followers, finding people interested and faithful to your content.

Reward your Twitter followers

You have to learn how to use the right tools. Among the main commands, we find the retweet, that is to say, the possibility to republish content already put online by other people, and the Like. That is an appreciation that you can make to content by clicking on the heart icon.

The various activities to be successful on Twitter are based on Followers and Following, who is following you, and who you are following. To optimize this step, you can also monitor mentions and replies with some specific tools that can make a difference in profile management.

Follow Twitter’s tips

To discover new people to follow, you can take advantage of the automatic Twitter suggestions generated based on the users already followed. To find a list of potential followers, you need to connect to the page dedicated to the service, and it will be possible to discover many people with the same common interests and passions to their own.

The importance of using the right hashtags

Hashtags are important; you have to use them very intelligently, even looking for the most popular ones at any given time. It is very useful to comment on all the most important news concerning the topic chosen to deal with on your profile.

Hashtags that concern current affairs are certainly the best and those that bring a greater probability of being found by new users and acquiring a greater number of followers.

Do not forget to also look at the Twitter trends proposed in the left sidebar; if there are topics that fall within your interests or on which you feel able to comment and interact in an interesting way, you must not think about it and intervene, dealing with the topic and using trending hashtags.

Things to avoid if you want to become famous on Twitter

There are some wrong behaviors that can have a negative effect, and the first rule is to use common sense, avoid posting all the time because you run the risk of giving the impression of not having much to say concretely but only getting noticed. Behavior that could annoy users.

You must not abandon your account. Having consistency in tweeting is important, but without exaggerating, you must propose interesting ideas, generate constructive discussions, exchange public messages, or retweet what other users write. Learn more about How to write a perfect tweet.

Furthermore, to bring more followers to your Twitter account, it is advisable to insert the profile link on owned sites and other social networks.