Can You Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money?

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How to Start an Affiliate with No Money

Can you start affiliate marketing without investing money? In this article, I will try to give my point of view on this topic and some tips that could be useful for you to start working with affiliate marketing.

Those who approach the world of online affiliations or affiliate marketing for the first time usually ask questions:

How much budget does it take to start working seriously with the affiliate?

To answer these questions correctly, you must first understand what are the pros and cons of starting with affiliate marketing without a budget.

Affiliate Marketing Without Investment

The advantages

It is clear that those who leave without investing money find themselves in a position where they do not risk “losing money”.

Surely, those who leave without investing money will be emotionally more stable than those who are spending money and do not see conversions arrive on their affiliate panel.

Not having the anxiety of the money that you are spending certainly allows you to act and operate in a more rational way, but you must also take into consideration what are the cons, namely:

The disadvantages

In fact, if you decide to start making affiliates without investing money, clearly, to get interesting earnings, you will necessarily have to spend a lot of time to build something that allows you to generate income from the affiliate (for example, a blog or a website).

In addition to the time taken to create the contents where to place the affiliate links you will have to study SEO, Copywriting, Marketing.

It is, therefore, a question of understanding which is the most important resource for you: time or money?

Having said this, let’s see how it is possible to start with the affiliate without investments.

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Affiliate on Facebook Without Investing

It is a method also used by many people who work in the world of Network Marketing.

In practice, you should add some new “friends” every day on your profile and spend some time chatting with him to understand what his interests are (maybe before adding him, you can try to look at the profile to see if you can then propose products or services ).

Usually, for this kind of operation, you create ad hoc profiles (so do not use your main profile, which could receive a block or a ban), then give friendly advice on products or services that could be useful to these people.

In my opinion, this method of making affiliates has two disadvantages:

  • It’s not “White” (clean): you’ll have to create a fake profile and add people you don’t know
  • It does not allow you to earn big money (people can buy a couple of times from you, but then you will always have to find new interested people)

Another interesting method is to create thematic groups in order to build communities and then recommend products or services.

Usually, when a group reaches good popularity, they can begin to publish offers with a ratio of 1 to 10 (i.e., nine content of value/discussion/fun and one advertising).

Clearly, a Facebook group must also be curated and managed: at least two posts a day should be published to quickly grow the group and keep it active, and this takes time!

You can make money with the affiliate without investing, even using forums and platforms such as Yahoo Answer.

To be able to earn money with the affiliate through the forums, it is necessary to build authority and a good reputation: the community that frequents these portals should not consider you a spammer, also because if you start publishing affiliate links, you will soon be banned from the platform.

Usually, those who work with this strategy create 3d / topics/discussions starting from the problem that the person interested in buying that product of the campaign that you want to promote may have; therefore, it causes people to start comparing themselves on a certain topic.

When the conversation has gone on and on, a comment is published that says, “maybe I have found the solution. I spoke with …. and advised me…. to solve this problem, I’m using it, and I found an incredible offer online, for those interested you can look here. … ..”.

Promote affiliate through YouTube

Another strategy that you could use to work with the affiliate without investing is the promotion through YouTube: here clearly, you will have to generate many views to be able to generate sales, and possibly you should use original videos made by you.

You can then take advantage of the YouTube description to insert your affiliate links and make money.

Promote affiliate with Instagram

Another “zero cost” means of promotion (in economic terms, not in terms of time) is Instagram: one of the most used social networks today, it is certainly simple to use, but it is not easy to make money if you do not have a certain authority and a sure following.

In this case, you need to publish captivating photos of the product/service and then use the description and the right hashtags to convey traffic to the landing page (speaking of landing pages, you can create them at no cost using platforms such as bloggers, or, if you want to do something more professional, I recommend Instapage.

These are some small tips and simple strategies that might come in handy.

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