6 Really Good Reasons to Start a YouTube Channel

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6 Reasons Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel

If you wonder why to open a YouTube channel, here, you will find the greatest benefits and the best reasons to do it. YouTube is the second search engine in the world (only after Google), and it is constantly growing. It invests a lot of resources in creators (video creators) and to reach a larger audience so it will be present for a long time in the online world and in our lives.

So why open a YouTube channel, and what are the benefits of having a YouTube channel?

1. Create a personal brand

Anyone who needs a personal brand. The difference between someone who has no idea what a personal brand is and one who actively works on it to create their own brand is enormous.

You are a teacher, a singer, a cook, an entrepreneur, a nurse, an influencer – you need a personal brand to differentiate yourself from the competition, to grow, to make your values and goals clear.

When you have a strong personal brand, you can create anything, and you can create something great. The opportunities are endless, and this is beautiful.

YouTube and the online world, in general, give so many opportunities today, and not taking advantage of them is just a waste.

2. To create a community

But what is this community? It’s about your subscribers who are always there, who talk to you and each other and who support each other, who help create your brand, help you understand what products to create and how to create them, help you in general in various ways as well as you help them by answering their questions and creating content.

It’s one of the best things about being present online, the connection you make with other people.

3. To promote your business

You can open a YouTube channel even if you already have a business or are a professional in any field. Through YouTube, you reach a larger audience, and you get more traffic to your products (or services), your personal brand is stronger, you differentiate yourself from the crowd and the competition, you build trust in your audience and, therefore, in potential consumers.

4. To do Networking

Having visibility online has given me the opportunity to be able to contact people that I would never have had the courage to contact before. Collaborations can be made, help can be asked, and wonderful friendships are created.

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5. Personal development and growth

One of the biggest benefits and consequences of creating your own YouTube channel, as well as a blog, is personal development and growth.

To create content, you often have to reflect and self-analyze. You have to read and inform yourself. It also opens your mind to other topics that you were not interested in before. You learn something new, and you develop technological and writing skills, you learn to create something from 0 that increases confidence in your own ability. Filming yourself increases your self-confidence – you learn to express your own opinions and not give a damn about the opinion of others which is fundamental in any area of your life.

Also, as you develop creativity, YouTube becomes a not insignificant creative outlet.

All this helps you to understand yourself better, to understand your tastes, your style, your values, and your priorities.

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6. It is a source of income

YouTube is a good source of revenue. The revenue depends on the views, so the more views you get, the more revenue increases. It takes some time to build a good base of videos and views, but then this becomes almost like passive entry. This means it could become your full-time job or a second source of income.

Not only that, but YouTube is also a source of traffic. This means that you can drive traffic to your product, to your courses or books, to affiliate products, to your services/consultancy if that’s what you do, as well as to your blog or other social channels.